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3) TRAINING AREA Sunday to Friday
4) COMPETITION AREA Saturday and Sunday mornings
BEFORE THE OPENING, a thorough cleaning and disinfection must be carried out in all the facilities and furniture, especially affecting elements in common use such as doorknobs, railings, chairs, bathrooms, etc. At the time of starting the activity, It must have sufficient protection material for athletes, referees, workers and users in general. MEDICAL CONTROL, see GENERAL PROTOCOL OF THE CLUB AND BOE and adapt as much as possible.
GENERAL CAPACITY capacity for 40 – 50 people. DISTRIBUTION: Entrance waiting room; 10 people. Waiting room at shooting stations; 7 people. Waiting room in office procedures and various; 4 people. Usual rest, wait outside. Periodically, the facilities of the center will be cleaned and disinfected with the appropriate measures for the characteristics and intensity of use of the center, paying special attention to areas of common use such as bathrooms, offices, waiting rooms, etc. following the following guidelines: Disinfectants will be used as bleach solutions (1:50) or any other on the market. Disinfectant hydroalcoholic dispensers authorized by the Ministry of Health will be made available to the public, especially at the entrance to the social premises. When accessing the social area, the first thing we must do is wear the mask and gloves on, go through the handwashing area with the liquid provided by the club, mask and gloves will be provided by the member. In case of not having it at the time of entry, the club will be able to provide them with the corresponding payment of its cost. Once the hygienic procedures have been completed, the member will only be able to stay inside the premises, just enough time to carry out his management or information, going to wait outside the facilities if he has any management, subsequent training, or contact with colleagues, always keeping the basic rules known to all.
When entering the social area and once the sanitary regulations have been met, the member must wait in the room next to the office, respecting the capacity, until it is the turn of access to the office, only one person can access. Once the arrangements have been made, the next step will be taken, leaving the premises so that another member can access and, therefore, may spend the appropriate time outside the premises. The capacity of the waiting room is calculated in a total of 6 to 7 people, it is strictly forbidden meetings or gatherings both in the waiting room and in the office, when making arrangements with the office staff, the distance will be kept l, 5 to 2 meters.
In sports activity, it will be individualized and without physical contact between participants. Entrances and exits will be organized to avoid accumulation of people in the accesses and common places, both at the beginning and at the end of the tests. Sundays to Fridays exclusively occupying positions no. 1-3-5-6-8-10. It will be necessary to make an hourly reservation on a daily, telephone or telematic basis, reserving spaces of 30 minutes per shooter, which may be extended in advance or at the moment if any space is free at the time of training. For training, the same general hygiene rules will apply, and a mask and gloves will be required, which can be removed once the training begins, provided that without moving from the firing point, only for the change of targets in which only two shooters can exit. at the same time keeping the proper precautions. The cleaning and cleaning of the firing point at the end of training will be the responsibility of each shooter. (It is recommended to do it also when accessing the firing point)
NOTE. In no case may companions or the public access.
Saturdays and optionally Sunday mornings. Posts 1-3-5-6-8-10. The appropriate telephone or telematic reservations will have to be made in the administration office, which will follow the same procedure for the distribution of positions and firing ranges that was done to date. For any consultation, by phone before the competition, the six shooters of the turn or round will wait in the public area attached to the shooters area with masks and gloves and once all the sanitary operations have been carried out previously, and always following the At the referee’s orders, they will occupy their firing positions, fulfilling the referee’s orders at all times. Once the competition is over, weapons and supplies have been collected, they must clean the firing point, put on masks and gloves and leave the venue through the emergency abroad. To know the results of the competition, consult by phone or on the club’s website. For the next round, the six shooters will wait in the adjoining room once the sanitary security measures, face masks, gloves, hand washing, etc. have been carried out. without contact with the outgoing shooters and accessing their shooting stations following the referee’s orders.
NOTE. For safety it is recommended to sanitize the common elements.
PNEUMATICS. Posts 1-3-5-7-9-11-13-15 the action protocol will be identical to that of Precision both for entrances and exits, as well as for hygienic measures, public assistance is not allowed, only in the case of a minor shooter age that must be accompanied by a tutor, if the official coach is not present at that time or the corresponding referee.