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  • LICENSE INFORMATION “F” Under the provisions of the existing Rules of weapons (RD 137/1993 of January 29, BOE 55 and 95) and rules adopted by the ReFedTO and ICAE Civil Guard, the essential requirements to be met by the holders thereof are as follows:
  • RENOVATIONS: LICENSE “F” CLASS 3A. Holders of this license must demonstrate ANNUAL sports activity, without having to get any minimum score.
  • LICENSE “F” CLASS 2A. In addition to demonstrating its ANNUAL sport, it is required to participate for the duration of the license, in a competition of Autonomy or State level, being essential to pass the score in its category in the scale set at least once. Older shooters 55 years (VETERANS category) are not the minimum score required in this case is sufficient participation.
  • LICENSE “F” the CLASS. ANNUAL must prove its sporting activity during the term of the license, and overcome your score category, as defined in the scale, in runs of State level at least once. Shooters bearing the veterans category only are required to participate.
  • IMPORTANT: sport be considered all official competitions organized by the National Federation or Regional and social events organized by the Club, which correspond to procedures recognized by the Federation. Also considered are the coaches sport controlled by federal arbitrator, who shall keep minutes of the attendees. No licensee “F” may cease to be recorded in the minutes of the run for more than one year, except in cases of force majeure duly justified to the satisfaction of the intervention period of the Civil Guard.
  • PROMOTIONS Class 3A Class 2A Overcome A second class score runs Autonomous level. 2a A CLASS CLASS Overcome the 1st score of the scale in first class runs National level.
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