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For communication by electronic mail and in REUNIÓ held at the Olympic Shooting Cambrils the Boards of Directors


1º That the organizing Club of each edition of the CAMPIONAT “INTERCLUBS” OF THE PROVINCE OF TARRAGONA, is farà per consensus of all the clubs every year

2nd Start time of the competition will be: Valls: 09:00 a.m., Tarragona: 10:00 a.m., Tortosa: 09:30 a.m.; the rest of Clubs 08:00h., always when there is a 50% coverage of Gallery to carry out the 1st Squad.

3º The inscription for each qualified sportsman will be 30 Euros, which will be delivered to the organizing Club on the day of

the awards ceremony.

It is considered a classified sportsman who makes a minimum of 4 of the 7 shots.

4º The classifications of each competition, will be sent by electronic mail during the week following the competition, the fitxer will be Excel (.xls), with the fields: cognoms / nom; any de naixement; Club; points; name of 10, 9, 8 etc.

5º The deadline for the registrations will be at 11:00 a.m., the Club organizing the competition, may accept registrations after the hour if it deems it appropriate.

6º The shooting program will be:

2 series of 20 trets in 15 minutes, both white, 55×55 precision; no hi haurà test target.

The weapons will be any short weapon, with the exception of 22 curt, Pistola Lliure i Històriques.

7º The GROUP of the shooters is governed in the following way:

a) There will be 5 groups: A, B, C, D and Dames. b) The groups A, B, C, and D will be distributed at the end of the Championship, once they will elaborate the Final Classification with the 4 millionth competitions of each shooter. The total number of participants (sense ladies) is divided by 4. If the result donates decimals, the subtraction will enter group D.

8º The classifications per teams (Clubs) will correspond to the first 3 classifiers of each Club for each

competed. For the final classification of the Campionat, from the scores obtained the 5 millionth will be chosen, and it will be

in compte les 2 pitjors. The shooters that make up the team will logically be independent of the Final Individual Classification.

9º The Organizing Club will once have prepared the final classifications, will send them by electronic mail or

by Fax to all the Clubs in the best possible brevetat.

10º S’attached contact details of each Club. Annex to the present.

AMPOSTA: Secretary President

Federal Delegate

Phones: Gallery 977 261017 Administration 977 701444, Millan: 627 531503


Phones: Gallery: 646 066662, Carreras: 654 510370


Telephones: 625 235994, 977 415058 Fax 977 415061 Ernest Franquet Franquet

MORA D’EBRE: – 640 273017 Pepe (secretary) Enric Reverter (president) 646 016881

TARRAGONA: Tir Jordi Tarrago,

Telephones: 977 601480, 977 612012, 977 637010 Fax: 977 602421

TORTOSA: Racó D’Homedo Shooting Club,

Telephones: F. Tallada: 607 077630, M. Linares: 630 945597


Telephones: Club: 977 605035, Miquel Pascual: 647 954025