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Saturday 24/09/2022 (OPENED)


The reloading course can be carried out by any shooter in possession of the corresponding weapons license that wants to recharge ammunition for own use, in accordance with the provisions of Complementary Technical Instruction no. 15 of Royal Decree 563/2010 of MAY 7 (BOGC No. 19 Of May 18, 2010) by which the Regulation of Exemplars is proven. Our organization teaches this course through qualified teachers and authorized by the General Direction of the Civil Guard to carry out the above mentioned courses of recharge, as well as for the issuance of the certificates that accredit the passing of said course. Every year courses are given, depending on the demand, which last one weekend day. Each course admits a minimum of several students to be determined by the organizer. Entries must be formalized in our offices, ending the admission period fifteen days before the date of the course. To formalize the registration it is necessary to present in our offices the following documentation: D.N.I. Federal License of the current year Weapons License in force Current photograph type carnet COURSE OF RECHARGE If you want to reserve place can present the documentation in our offices or to our email tircambrils@gmail.com the application form for the course of recharge, Payment of the registration fee by paying in our offices in cash, either online ON-LINE or by bank transfer (ccc will be provided at your request). Once approved the examination that is done on the day of the course, we will notify you to pick up at our offices the certificate that accredits the passing of said Course of Reloading of Metallurgical Carton or we will send it by mail. When you receive the certificate and in order to obtain the Authorization that allows you to recharge the bullet by the Central Intervention of Weapons and Explosives of the General Directorate of the Civil Guard, you must present the following documentation at the Command of your locality of residence: Application for the Original Recharge Authorization and photocopy of the Certificate as it has passed the Original Recharge Course and photocopy of the Certificate of Homologation of the recharging machine Photocopy of the DNI The recharging machine has to be MANUAL.