Digitization has freed photography from its historical documentary nature, since the manipulation of images through computer graphics has made it possible to recover the pictorial and narrative imaginary that had been lost from visual culture as a result of the appearance of the camera. “Digital photography is linked to the ideology of collage, understood as avant-garde Dadaist or constructivist photomontage, which showed the cutting and fragmentary nature of its construction without trying to deceive anyone.
Since its invention, photography had full credibility as an unquestionable testimony of reality due to the operation of the capture device. Subsequently, the way of recording reality has been considered an ideological position, which has nothing to do with the neutral and objective nature of its operation.
We have obtained images that we had in the archives of our club and we have captured them on our website for the memory of all those present and for the relatives of those who are no longer here and participated with us in the history of our club.
We hope you like them.