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Foundation of our club. In 1984 a group of fans to the sport of shooting, including the Honorary President Juan Bautista Ferrando Massagué, decided to found a club in Cambrils local gun constituting, notarized, the first provisional meeting the 18/12/1984. The “Olympic Shooting Club Cambrils”, now the club is chaired by Mr. Luis González García was founded. The company now has 400 athletes in different categories of the club, which are also partners. The club has various shooting modes such as the Olympic shooting sports, historical weapons and shooting with air. The categories of the club in which athletes are divided are veterans, senior, youth and children both male and female.


For the realization of the projects and purposes of CLUB DE TIR OLIMPIC Cambrils has the support of more than 400 partners, the timely collaboration of several municipalities for backup gallery of local police and also aid received for projects several of the government. Thanks to all these financial contributions may be able to perform the set of programs and projects carried out in the Club.

  • TEAM 

To carry out its work, the Club has the shooting gallery and offices in Cambrils, and the work and collaboration of volunteers who, through their dedication, do the work of organizing reality.

  • Board (approved at the General Assembly may 25, 2017)
  • President Luis González García
  • Secretari: Jordi Amorós Vidal
  • Treasurer: Lluis Maria Cabre Calderó
  • Vice President: Jaime Sedo Bargalló
  • Members: Juan Bautista Ferrando Massague, Joan Carreras López, Antón Callau Costa, Josep Ramón Puig Vallés, Josep Rubio Biosca, José Julio Elfau Sierra.
  • Management: Joan Carreras López – Vanessa Batet Vilar