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  • On October 22 and 23, the SPANISH BACKLOAD CHAMPIONSHIP was held in ELCHE, (Alicante). On behalf of the Cambrils Olympic Shooting Club, our colleague Jesús Arribas García participated.
    In this competition, 49 participants were brought together, corresponding to the majority of the best national athletes in this type of modality: Eloy Gonzalo 100M, Freire Y Brull 5 100M, Freire Y Brull 6 100M, Martín Cerezo 25M, Núñez De Castro 4 50M, Nunez De Castro 3 50M, Piñal 1 25M, Piñal 2 25M.
    On the part of our athlete, he has achieved the following results: 2nd in Núñez De Castro 4 50M with 181 points – 6th in Piñal 2 25M with 170 points and – 11th in Martín Cerezo 25M with 170 points.
    We hope in the next season of competition in this type of modalities to repeat the results by our future athletes.
    It only remains to congratulate our participant for placing the Cambrils Olympic Shooting Club in the front line of the competition and for the results it is achieving in these important championships in the Spanish Federation calendar, as well as our Club and Cambrils in the elite international shooting sport it represents. CONGRATULATIONS.