News XII Course recharge metal cartridge

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  • XII Metal Cartridge Refill Course
  • On September 21, 2019, the 12th METAL CARTUCHERÍA RECHARGE COURSE was taught.
    The objective of this course is in training, training the student to know and lay the foundations of the recharge for metal cartridges for both precision shot in a short weapon, shot for a long gun rifle or shot for the pit of the plate and hunting.
    It was implemented with the dates and time of the course in a single day: From 09:00h-11:00h Legal Area From 11:00h-13:30h Ballistic Area, From 13:30h-16: 00h Food, From 16:00h-17:00h Ballistic Area, from 17:00h to 19:00h Practical Area, from 19:00h. to 20:00h. Final Test (Exam).
    The Club contributed. Courses Needed for Training. Refill machine with utensils and spare parts. Training room with Audio-visual media. Presentation of Power-Point videos and official documentation necessary to obtain the recharge documentation for each student.
    The Instructor was Mr. Joan Carreras López, Recharge Monitor at the National level of the Royal Spanish Olympic Shooting Federation, with the corresponding recharge authorization granted to the TIR OLIMPIC CAMBRILS CLUB for the CENTRAL INTERVENTION OF WEAPONS AND EXPLOSIVES OF THE GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF THE CIVIL GUARD as established in the complementary technical instruction number 14 of ROYAL DECREE 230/1998, of February 16 that the regulation of explosives was approved.
    The content of the Formation was as follows: The three areas; Legal, Ballistics, Practice as well as an exam at the end of the course.
    This course has been developed by teaching it to 15 students and all have received their corresponding official Certificate and attendance certificate.
    At the end of the course they had a pleasant discussion and exchange of impressions, all agreeing that it has been a very well used and very well developed course, the instructor thanks them for trusting us to obtain the corresponding recharge permit.