Jordi Amorós, new president of the Club

Jordi Amorós, new president of the Cambrils Olympic Shooting Club.
Amorós takes over from Luis González who died last October. Promoting the shooting school and female participation and promoting the club’s shooters are his main objectives.
Jordi Amorós is the new president of the Cambrils Olympic Shooting Club. On December 7, the new board of the club was constituted after the death of Luis González García -last October-, who had held the position of president for about 7 years. Jordi Amorós -resident in El Vendrell and linked to the club since 2004- was the secretary in recent years. The new president of the Cambrils Olympic Shooting Club explained to how he faces this new stage at the head of the entity. As he said, “when our president, Luis, began his term, he proposed that I make a team with him and I accepted. Then we began to design the operation and future prospects of the club to try to put it and, put Cambrils, within the panorama of the shooting, both at the federal level and in regional and state competitions. Until that moment, the club had been a more familiar entity “.
“The club must invest in the promotion of its shooters”
As Amorós has commented, “on the one hand, we created the Olympic pneumatic shooting school – we have an important group of junior people – and we have been working for about two years. This is one of the things that we are going to promote in the face of future, so that the boys must be provided with a material of a medium-high level, because otherwise they cannot compete under the same conditions.The idea is to make an investment in the future to provide them with a suitable material so that they can compete. On the other hand, in its day we also began to promote the group of seniors who wanted to participate in competitions. We believe that the club should invest in the promotion of its shooters and, in fact, we promoted a series of people who have competed at the regional level and state and they have done it with good fruit and good results. Since my presidency, I want to continue with the program that in its day we designed with friend Luis to move the club forward.