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  • This is the result that is published every Friday at the last minute so that after signing up in the official social edition, you can know what session you have played.
    Remember that you have to be 30 minutes before the corresponding session.
    Out of respect for your colleagues if after signing up you can not come by phone at 654510370.


In view of the discrepancies observed with the sniper registration system, the local board agrees to the following provisions:

1.- Registration form; The shooters will register by dialing the federation license number on the bulletin board or directly by telephone, without order number

2.- Duration of registration time; Until 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before the run.

3.- Batch raffle and firing point; It will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Friday and then published on the website.

4.- Sweepstakes form; It will be made among all enrolled, taking the numbers equivalent to the amount of them.

5.- Registration on the website; The bout and the position number of each shooter will be placed.

6.- Registration after the draw; They can be made up to 30 ‘before the Saturday run, at which time the inscriptions will be closed completely. A new lottery will be made among the last registered ones according to the previous norm.

7.- Final; In the event of the non-attendance of any registered shooter, he will be considered as resigning and his position will not be covered in any case, therefore remaining empty and without affecting the next session.

Signed: The President