Jordi Balañà’s participation in the Catalan Championship in Mollet.

Last Sunday, April 18, the Catalan Air Pistol Championship took place in the huge pavilion covered by the 10 meter air Olympic modality, equipped with more than 70 electronic targets of the Catalan Federation of Olympic Shooting located in the Public Safety Institute of Catalonia, in Mollet de Vallès. The athlete from the Cambrils Olympic Shooting Club, Jordi Francesc Balañà, competed in the event. The competition began with the qualifying sessions at 8:30 am starting with Ladies and Veterans, followed by Senior and finally Junior Male and Female, where the 8 athletes with the best score after the 60 shots in the competition are classified by the finals in the Olympic qualifying mode.
These Olympic finals are very exciting and consist of 10 initial shots for the final 8 in two series of 5 shots in 250 seconds, followed by these series unique features are made in 50 seconds and after every 2 shots the last classified at that time marches. , until only the two finalist athletes remain, in the event of a tie, they continue with unique traits until the tie is broken.
The first of these heats was the Senior one where the athlete from our Club obtained the 4th position, despite having held the 3rd position for much of the final. The winner of this edition of the Championship in Senior category was the athlete from the Club de Sabadell Francisco Cabrera Martínez.