Interclub Competition in Tarragona 2017

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SHOT OF THE INTERCLUBS CHAMPIONSHIP IN TARRAGONA, AT THE SHOT GALERY OF JORDI TARRAGÓ. Last Sunday February 5, 2017 was the first competition of the Interclubs 2017 championship of the Tarragona demarcation. On this occasion, the run was made in the gallery of the Club of Tir Jordi Tarrago in San Salvador. The event counted on the participation of a total of 77 shooters much participation of guests who made a popular lunch in the bar of the dependencies of the Club Jordi Tarragó. A total of 11 shooters participated in the cambrilense club, who obtained several scores that will be computed at the end of the championship, remaining in the following classification and the first of our Club; BOIXADER VILA JORGE, MUÑOZ JONATHAN, LOPEZ GARCIA JESUS, PARDO RECHE PEDRO ANTONIO, AMOROS VIDAL JORDI, ESCODA ARAGONES JOSEP, PALLARES FERRAS JOAN RAMON, MARCIUC CRISTIAN, GONZALEZ GARCIA LUIS, CALLAU COSTA ANTON, ROSA ROGADO PILAR.