Interclub Competition in Mora 2015

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  • mora04SHOT IN THE MORA Interclubs Championships
  • The Past Sunday 26 April 2015 is disputed competitions Interclub Championship demarcation of Tarragona. On this occasion, the pitch is in hizo gallery CLUB OF DEFAULT Guixers Club EBRO. Contre La prueba con the participation of a total of 79 fencers who invited them hicieron conjuntamente with a lunch at the popular Club External and internal outbuildings. From our club cambrilense participaron total 9 fencers who obtuvieron varias ratings that are computed at the end of the championship. The next Competition will be on 03 May in the Club’s facilities in San Salvador Tarragó Jordi Tarragona, ofrecera be a lunch in todos los Asistentes, fencers and companions “OS forward.”[:]