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  • Ham competition 2019
  • Within the party program announced in our town. Last December 26, the festival of San Esteban was celebrated as it is traditional, the popular ham shooting competition, at 9:00 a.m. first with a popular lunch for all the members of our entity and family having a pica – pica, bread with tomato, a whole ham, drinks and snacks for all attendees. The participation was 26 shooters and their families. The prizes consist of: A ham for the best 10 achieved in the modality of Cal. 22 Standard. A ham also for the best ten of Gros Caliber. A ham also for the best 10 achieved in the Historic Weapons modality (avancarga). A ham also for the best 10 achieved in the pneumatic Compressed Air mode. The prizes are not cumulative, in the end the other shooting competitors who have participated and have not won a prize, entered the draw for another ham and 12 consolation prizes. Each competitor can shoot the 4 modalities, it is emphasized that this competition is very popular and depends on luck, such as the lottery. The best 10 of each target in the modality is rewarded, taking into account that if the first ten is done it can no longer continue competing on the same target, since the second ten would result in the cancellation of the entire run and would score worst of all, it is curious to see that a very good shooter may only shoot one shot and turn out to be a poorly focused ten and in this way he has to withdraw from this modality without being able to get the maximum prize and a shooter that normally does not It is too good to compete to get the best ten focused on this modality taking the prize. In all the modalities a maximum of 20 shots can be fired except for the Historical Weapons that is 13. The winners of the prizes each were: Erik Zabay, in the pneumatic mode (Compressed Air) .- Luis González, in the modality of Historical Weapons (avancarga) .- Hector Vila, in the modality of Gros Caliber.- Joan Carreras, in the modality of Cal. 22 (Standard) .- Santi Pleguezuelo, in the draw of the 5th Ham. Everyone participated in the remaining 12 awards at the end of the competition. One more year has been a real success.