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On December 26 Feast of San Esteban was held as is customary, the popular ham roll consists firstly of a lunch for all members of our organization and arranging family bread with tomato, a whole ham, beverages and snacks for all attendees. Participation was thirty shooters and their families. The awards consist of: A ham for the ten best managed in the form of Cal 22. A ham also for the best ten in Gros Calibre. A ham also for the ten best managed in the category of Historical Arms (muzzleloader). A ham also for the ten best managed in the form of compressed air pneumatic. Prizes are not cumulative, in the end the other shooters who have participated and have failed to award entered in a drawing for another ham. Each shooter can shoot in 4 modes, it is emphasized that this spread is very popular and depends on luck, like the lottery. The best ten in each target are rewarded in the form, considering that if ten is first because you can not keep pulling in the same target as the second ten would lead to the cancellation of the entire run scoring the worse, it is curious that a very good shooter can only pull a shot and ten bad happens to be focused and thus must be removed from this mode without being able to get the top prize and a handle that is not too good pulling normlmente get get the best ten focused on that mode taking the prize. In all modes you can pull up to 20 shots with the exception of Historic Weapons is 13. The winners of each ham were: Francesc Ferrando.- Jordi Amorós.- Mario de la Morena.- Francisco Javier Romero. – José Luis Zabay.- A year has been successful event.