Catalan 9mm Championship in Granollers.

This Sunday, July 11, the Catalan precision championship was held in the 9mm modality. The competition took place at the Granollers Shooting Club, a club that has magnificent facilities and better people, who gave us an unbeatable welcome. Although despite the heat it was, participants from all over Catalonia attended, and it was a day with the relaxed atmosphere that characterizes these events.
The representative of our Cambrils Olympic Shooting Club, who participated was the athlete Lluis Miquel Cortezón Vallespí who reached first place in the Senior category (gold medal). It was a highly contested competition, but according to the athlete himself: I thank the great instructors we have at the Club and I have achieved good consistency.
From the club we want to thank both the host club and the organization for making this competition possible and for the ease of maintaining the safety regulations that we currently have to follow. We also want to congratulate our athlete and his instructors for having achieved this magnificent position.