19/02/2020 – Interclub Amposta

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  • Last Sunday, January 19, 2020, the first competition of the Interclubs championship of the province of Tarragona of 2020 was played. On this occasion, the competition was held in the Amposta gallery of the Club de tir MONTSIA. The event was attended by a total of 90 athletes who, together with the guests, made a popular lunch in the living room of the same Club. A total of athletes participated 16 in the Cambodian club, which obtained very good scores which will be counted at the end of the championship for the individual categories and for club teams. The next competition will be the day 02 of 02 2020 at the Club facilities Jordi Tarrago of Tarragona, a popular lunch will be offered to all attendees, athletes and companions. “WE WAIT FOR YOU”
    Cambrils Classification: BALAÑÀ ARBÓ, JORDI con puntos 361, ARRIBAS GARCÍA, JESÚS con puntos 355 CORTEZÓN VALLESPÍ, LUIS con puntos 351 FERRATÉ ROSALS, JOAN con puntos 347 PARDO RECHE, PEDRO ANTONIO con puntos 347 ESCODA ARAGONÉS, JOSEP con puntos 323 SUÁREZ SALAMANCA, CARLOS con puntos 314 GONZÁLEZ GARCÍA, LLUIS con puntos 311 CARRERAS LÓPEZ, JOAN con puntos 278 FERNANDO COLLADO, SIMON con puntos 271 CALLAU COSTA, ANTON con puntos 262 GARCÍA PENIN, JORDI con puntos 241 JIMÉNEZ JIMÉNEZ, RAFAEL con puntos 238 ESCODA SEGURA, JOAQUIM con puntos 218 ROSA ROGADO, PILAR con puntos 117.