In accordance with the provisions of the current Weapons Regulations (R.D. 137/1993 of January 29, BOE 55 and 95), and regulations approved by the ReFedTO and the I.C.A.E. of the Civil Guard, the essential obligations to be fulfilled by the holders of the same are indicated: RENEWALS: LICENSE “F” OF CLASS 3a. Holders of this license must demonstrate ANNUAL sports activity, without it being necessary to achieve any type of minimum score. CLASS 2 LICENSE “F”. In addition to the demonstration of your ANNUAL sports activity, there is an obligation to participate, during the term of the license, in an Autonomous or State competition, being essential to exceed the score of your category established in the scale, at least once. Shooters over 55 years of age (VETERANS category) will not be required to have a minimum score, in this case their participation is sufficient. CLASS “F” LICENSE la. During the validity of the license, they must prove their ANNUAL sporting activity and exceed the score for their category, established in the scale, in State-wide runs at least once. Shooters holding veteran status are only required to participate. IMPORTANT: All official competitions organized by the National or Autonomous Federation, and social competitions organized by the Clubs, that correspond to modalities recognized by the Federation, will be considered a sports activity. Likewise, training controlled by a federated referee, who will draw up the minutes of the attendees, will be considered a sports activity. No “F” license holder may cease to be recorded in the print runs for a period exceeding one year, except in the event of force majeure duly justified to the satisfaction of the Civil Guard intervention. PROMOTIONS FROM CLASS 3 TO CLASS 2 Exceed the second class score in tests in the Autonomous Region. FROM CLASS 2 TO CLASS 1 Exceed the score of the first class of the scale in runs at the National level. BOARD.